YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY IT IS HARD TO GET A JOB AS JUNIOR DEV? This is because you don't need any knowledge about coding to get the fucking degree!!

I would love to work harder but it should meen something if you own the fucking paper!

Sorry got triggerd after reading another rant!

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    Actual coding is only about 10-20% of what a software engineer does. I actually managed to get an engineering degree in software engineering without ever learning to code anything but the real basics.

    Does that make my a bad programmer? Yes! A bad engineer? No! There's so much more to software development than to actually write the damn code!
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    I love how inexperienced people think all we do is type on a keyboard
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    Can you work straight out of high school even if you taught yourself to code for 5 years?
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    Well, I work as a dev for tree years now, I know what we do.

    And I know that coding is not all that counts.

    But still some guys who get the degree are not good enough to do the job!
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    To prevent misunderstandings I am in apprenticeship as dev.
    (I work 3 days and go to school on 2)
    I worked in different teams over the last years and have seen different "parts" of the job.

    My rant was about my classmates who have no idea what they are doing (and still get the degree) and about companies demanding ways to much experience because of them!!!
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    I think universitys should be better to actually learn students to code. I kind of felt like we were just pushed in on the deep end, and was supposed to learn this ourselves. The professor who had the "basic programming course" was not capable of coding anything. They told us that they didn't had anyone better to teach the class at this point, so he was assigned to it.

    Anyway, engineers should get more hands on training during their education. This would make them better programmers. The problem is, that the schedule during the semesters leave little or no room to explore beyond what is on the agenda. During engineering school I worked my ass off 40-50 hours a week just to get the basics and mandatory assignments done... and gradually lost interest in learning to code because it is so damn difficult and timeconsuming!
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    In my university there are coding assignments every week. It's really 99% theory during lectures and 50-90% coding practice in practice sessions/homework except for the math lectures
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    We had 2 assignments each semester... for 2 semesters
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