New Month!!!
New Salary!!!!
HR Forgot Again :(

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    Ask for separate payout?

    Every one can make a mistake but repeating them is not ok.
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    Thats not ok at all. Ask To Talk To A Manager.

    Or maybe.... ask them to write you a recomendation letter for your next job hunt. Not releated.
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    If a contract was signed then you’re missing out on money that is owed to you. Demand to have it paid or threaten to have legal actions. Sounds like a bad place to work anyway if they’re not paying the agreed upon amount.
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    @rox79 I hear forgetfulness is contagious. Maybe you might also "forget" the deadline twice in a row. I did it once and never received a late payment since.
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    Gotta start forgetting to do work some days.
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    @coldfire Yeah thats why its bothering me :( I mean for one month I didn;t even react Like Its okay everyone make mistake..

    But this time again :( It sucks asking them again and again
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    @electrineer I took leave today
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    Everyone makes mistakes. But corporations that have the rights of people but aren't people themselves will treat you to late fees and demands for payment if you fail to pay them. You need to treat corporations the same way they would treat you if your position was reversed.
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