I am so much frustrated today because my HR forgot to gave me my incremented salary.. :(

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    Yeah sure, they "forgot". Assholes.
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    That's just a simple bug. They used salary++ instead of ++salary.
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    Sounds like they are going to be giving you some back pay on your next check.

    Because if they aren't, I would dust off that CV and tell them not to worry about the raise.
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    @electrineer Subtle but brilliant
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    @sariel dude its been two month :(
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    I'm approaching 8 months late on my agreed pay rise.. if I wasn't mid house purchase then I would have been out after the first few weeks delay.. can't wait for the house to complete then I'm gone too 😃
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    @drego Yeah bells for me too. Time to switch
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    @drego is you have it in writing you can go after it anyway. Even when you left the place
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    @hjk101 unfortunately it was one of those deals that was verbally agreed with a long term manager that I had massive respect and trust for but was only loosely referred to in official documents.

    This manager moved to another department and no longer has a say in what happened.

    Update since the original post, I have now had a portion of the raise and it will be back paid 3 of the 8 months. So I'm taking the money and running 😂
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