Old story.

Colleague: "I'm gonna update some tables and stored procedures later"

*phone rings two hours later*

Colleague: "Hi! Just wanted to tell you I accidently dropped all our production databases. Have fun recovering them 😊"

Well shit.

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    * After 2 minutes he calls again *
    Hey forgot to mention there is no backup. Enjoy!
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    @PoweredByCoffee There was no backup 😂😂
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    @PoweredByCoffee Binarylogs 👌😅
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    Fortunately, where I work, only the Prod Suuport DBA can apply DDL changes to Prod, after they have gone through Dev (Me) and QA. Something tells me though, that a place that doesn't do backups, probably does everything in Prod.
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    @iAmNaN Ya. Our routines are way better now. Everyone can make a mistake, and we should have been able to return to proper backups. Though this was pretty early on the company. No routines, new machines 😅 Today that colleague is allowed to work with the databases freely. Servers though... nah, I'll manage those myself 😅
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    Who accidentally drops a bunch of production databases. You should never ever use the drop command anywhere near a production database.
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    Why the hell this happens with many ppl ! Why do even have write access on prod DB ? It's shud be only with DBA ! You guys shud make a protocol to handle this stuff :) #jus_saying
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