Anyone else have a background in something unrelated to their current job? I have an MA in religion and public life, got a job as a test analyst and slowly ended up maintaining assets for our apps. Some days I feel very inspired and lucky I got into this industry, and some days I feel totally out of place. I don't know if I should just throw myself into it, study more on my own and make myself comfortable here or just move on and go back to grad school or something.

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    Mine is tertiarily related. Whenever I start thinking about changing, though, I look at my job stability and savings account and decide to stay a bit longer.
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    I am from telecommunications background. Now working on developing and supporting the fintech software.
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    I have an AAS in Intelligence Collection, and one in Technical Instruction. Attended a six month Computer Programming Technical School, but no related degree.
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    I managed bars/nightclubs/music venues for 5 years after graduating in chemistry. A year go, i quit, taught myself c# and now i work for a small company developing Windows applications. Best decision i ever made
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    Former Marine
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    Does studying CS but working in Design without prior knowledge or education count? ^^
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    @valentindiehl 1. That's actually the point of "my rant," and 2. I don't want to get too specific about apps but I'm doing minimal design work but maintaining strings, writing wizards (json objects) and generating the databases. I'm working in java, python, and command line (not a big deal but took me some time to get comfortable with). When I break things- the apps crash. It is a bit more involved than handing the devs an image.

    So I am trying to decide if I should spend my hours on code academy or if I should go find a job as a policy analyst or something. This app was recommended in the app store after I installed a UX companion and I thought I would do a bit of research into the community to help with that decision. It's been interesting...

    I am learning a lot about myself. I am surprised I'm most motivated when people tell me I can't do something- so maybe that's why I'm attracted to this.
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