LoL, I swear, some of these job ads..

- You study Java every day
- You anticipate and you follow Java trends every day
- You go to our Java events

Oh so you mean I don't have a life? No thanks.

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    To anticipate and follow Java, you have to think like Java ☕😑💭
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    Imagine the interview with the HR staff. I'd totally do that.

    Interviewee to HR: So, that's company culture?

    HR: Yes, of course.

    Interviewee: so, do you study HR every day, anticipate and follow HR trends every day, and go to the internal HR events?

    HR: ...
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    Our HR literally does that... That's pretty much all they do. Sadly, they also bother the rest of the company with feedback seminars, trash self-help book recommendations and HR guru bullshit.

    So I did sign them all up for Laracon 2022 and kept spamming them Laravel & PHP update newsletters.
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    @bittersweet Well HR people arent real humans so that makes sende. I would call them robots, but i wont insults robots, by compearing them to those people.
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    You think of Java when you eat, when you sleep, when you bath, when you poop.
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    You are doing it wrong... Just go for the "deep zen approach":
    What Is Java?
    What makes Java, Java?
    How can someone reach a "State of Java-rvhana"?

    Become a JavaJuro!
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