There is something off with the M1 MacBook. I can’t pinpoint but there is definitely something different about the experience. Not necessarily in a positive way. The interaction feels lacking of certain things. Don’t know. It is what it is.

What I can point out is that the notification functionality is definitely a little off. Could be Monterey’s fault.

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    Compared to which macbook?
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    I can tell you what is off: It's a Mac Book and it's got an Apple logo on it...
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    You probably didn't pay for the pro version and you don't have the 200$ leather sleeve...
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    Lmao it's from Apple of course it feels wrong
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    Can we stop with this “OS battle”? It’s boring. No one cares.

    Use what the fuck you want.
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    @yehaaw There is no battle. Stop seeking attention.
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    wow, lot of apple haters in this thread... what was that other thread about a guys kernal going to shit and potentially losing commits and and a harddrive? on... oh, what was it... LINUX?

    youll never get that on a mac

    not even gonna mention that OTHER operating system, its not even worth it
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    @Cyanide the upvotes in this thread show a much different story
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