Add a random string (like "AnyBrowser/1.2.3") to your user agent string, and get warnings about unsupported browsers, reduced functionality, and Google drive completely refusing to start at all.

It's the very same browser, just another user agent string. Ever heard of feature detection? Ever heard of usability, accessibility, progressive enhancement? How can developers be so lost in 2022?

I just tried to reproduce the reason why Vivaldi stopped adding their brand to user agent strings but sails under false flag pretending to be Google chrome. So it doesn't show up in browser statistics either and Google people can keep thinking everyone is using their shitware.

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    Even the "Pro Webmasters" of StackExchange are affected by trying to do feature detection based on what must not be part of a browser string.
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    I opened GitHub with Edge and GitHub said it didn't support my browser. Good job Microsoft.
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    I kind of agree; though Vivaldi uses WebKit Blink engine, so pretending to be Chrome is mostly truth
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