Suggestions @dfox :
What about profile achievements?
10/100/1000 total +1s
Invent a new metric unit: rants/week
Can @localhost get a gold star or something on his profile for first to 1000?
Silver stars for people who gave an idea that was impliemented
Bronze star for people who have gotten a stress ball

I'm half working on this project, half thinking of DevRant... It's Friday!

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    @g-m-f 😆😆
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    How about a +1 emoji? ➕1️⃣
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    Stress ball at 1000 total +1's plis
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    @dfox where is my macbook pro? 😂 (16GB Ram is fine 😜)
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    @localhost lol!

    But actually, this is a good idea. We're planning on doing some kind of badge system. Not sure what it will look like yet, but we've talked about it before and think it's a good idea.
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    @dfox by the way, I have two notifications I can't clear because I let the list get too big... Is there anything you can do on that side? Sorry for asking, but it keeps telling me I have notifications when I can't access them.
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