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    let me one up this:
    "client will not see this bug, so ignore it until he does".
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    Didn’t know that’s what it was called, I finally have a name for my default state
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    in a previous job when we were implementing notifications i warned the lead dev the way they were doing it was gonna bug if the user had multiple devices. i wonder how long that one took to blow up in their faces
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    This seems like a pretty sensible default stance unless you're writing hard real-time systems for e.g. flight control systems or medical devices.
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    @KaosKermit front loading tech debt is never a good idea
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    @sleazyboi Let's politely disagree on this one. :-)

    For context: I spent the past 15 years working at or contracting for early-stage (pre-seed to Series A/B) startups and for most of them, ignoring the things described in the OP (bugs that will almost never happen) is generally a better way to spend their time and money.
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