It is not rejex, it it short for regular expression

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    What may this rejex be you speakens off?
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    sed -i 's/j/g/g'
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    Spoken language is democratic, just start saying it however you want it said and don't stop, no arguments needed
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    yeh homie just letting you know: you gon get shit for saying rejex instead of regex.
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    Rejects? What rejects?
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    @hamido-san nah. spoken language is anarchy.
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    @hamido-san I'm not sure you understand what democracy is.
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    You're such a fucking asshole!

    (fucking asshole in my language means "nice person").

    Language evolves, but it is bound by social rules, which in turn are loosely informed by logic. Loosely... It's always a battle between various forces.

    Everyone knows "I'm woke" is grammatically wrong, it should be "I'm awake" or "I have awoken". It became correct because the bastardization has a semantic purpose: It's not used in the literal sense anymore.

    But you can't just start messing with pronunciations or grammar rules on your own, as it will lead to misunderstandings, and wasted energy.
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    Jifs of glibly giggling giant gimballing ginger German giraffes gently growing great grapes generating graceful glowing gin...

    Wait gin is made from guniper berries not jrapes 🤔

    But you get the jist.
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    @tosensei @atheist @bittersweet

    ¯\_( I'm so very convinced now )_/¯
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    @hamido-san I can't understand you, failed to compile English, syntax error on ¯\_(
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    @bittersweet English has been evolving 1984 style lately.
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    @Demolishun The US and Russia: "What do you mean? We're both just doubleplussing our commitment to peace!"
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    You bring up a good point though.

    I think any person should be allowed to get as creative as they want with language, as long as it serves the purpose of "enriching the semantic palette".

    How you pronounce Gif of MySQL is irrelevant.

    If you want to use "devranting" as a verb, or start verbing every word despite the fact that verbing weirds language, I think that's fine.

    Starting sentences with "And" or "But" (or "Boob") is totally fine.

    "He's better at sucking dick than me" instead of "than I" -- Who the fuck cares whether "than" is a conjunction or a preposition! If you both have a cock in your mouth, you stop being a subject and start being an object anyway.

    But (hehe starting a sentence with but, look at me being naughty) mistakes like "should of" are unforgivable.
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