Some idiots ripped off our work and code that was open sourced and wrote a paper on it and got it published from some cheap publisher. Even for me to some benefit of doubt or consider that probably they worked on advancing our research….they didn’t even give us any credits!

Heights of shamelessness!

FYI, we already had an IEEE paper published!

I don’t mind if you guys have any suggestions on how I can get back at them. I don’t think a rant is going to calm me down for what they have done.

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    Can you email to the publisher who publish their paper? Or just email it to IEEE explaining the situation?
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    Academic Plagarisem is a serious offence - it can affect the publisher as well. Just the accusation is pretty bad.
    Write to the publisher, link to your published IEEE article, and ask nicely what should be done.
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    This sounds pretty illegal, if you've already had a paper published, I would guess that you can easily sue them into hell
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    Definitely keep us updated, I'd love to hear more on the progress of this issue
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    @LotsOfCaffeine Unfortunately, it's not. If you use open source code, what you can do is "fork" your own version of said code and sell it, but with that in mind : You have access to none of the ownership of the previous versions, nor can you sell the version that is not your fork alongside your fork.

    It can be something as simple as adding a toolbar or a tooltip. I'm paraphrasing here : But open source law is very clear.

    It's why Amazon managed to create its biggest money maker using a glorified Linux Arch.
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    One up them.

    That's how you win here : One up them.

    You can't get them legally, because forking open source code and selling it is actually quite legal.

    You can't get them academically, unless you can prove they have a 1:1 copy of your code without ANY meaningful add on's and I severely doubt that they could have been that stupid.

    You can only hit them where it hurts now : Their pride.

    Make something better and publish it.

    If you don't have time for that : Just move on.
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    To all guys saying you can/can't sue them: Doesn't this depend on the license the code was licensed under?

    For the academic plagiarism: You cam definetly get them for that. Contact someone who can help you with that, an academic mentor or. instance you might know or someone else who might know how to handle this best.
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