How to make boat loads of money: wirte some janky corporate SaaS platform with the worst UI possible.

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    Okay, I'm in :-)
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    No SAAS beats Workday in terms of bad UI though. Even there’s a Guiness Word Record for the worst UI, Workday would be breaking their own record every year.
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    @latisfeire I hate workday so much and I hate that I have to use it. Every time they update the UI it gets worse.
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    You sleazy boy
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    @latisfeire it's laughably bad. Like how do they make so much money with such a bad product. The idea that capitalism drives innovation has been proven false by workday
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    I do sometimes think about making a super streamlined and over-opinionated JIRA as a side project and just undercutting them (say, charging $10-15 a month to users?). Could probably build a decent MVP in a weekend. Needs a cool name though!
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    @fullstackchris Opa! Like the Greek opa.
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