My grandpa is using his computer for video editing and creating photo books. His setup was:
- A 100GB SSD for C
- A 1TB HD for D
The problem:
He never had more than 6GB free on his C Drive because somehow Windows and his programs filled it all with some utter bullshit which couldn't be removed or whatever.

So I promised him to install Linux for his Emails and Surfing and create a Windows 10 VM for him to use his programs.

The Linux installation from downloading a iso over creating a bootable drive to actually installing it was faster than finding the fucking Windows 10 Iso.

Which was about the same time as installing fucking windows because this bullshit prints out one fucking line at a time and then waits for you to read it for 15 motherfucking seconds before printing the next line.

And don't get me started on the fucking telemetry.

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    Disable hibernate, and reduce swap.
    the hibr file is 1-1.5 the size if the system ram, and a large swap is not needed.
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    @magicMirror Linux is already installed but thats nice to know.
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    Lol what? "Download Windows 10" on google gives a direct link to the official ISO download (including bootable USB creator). If finding Windows ISO took you more than downloading and installing Linux, I'm afraid there are bigger problems, which aren't something a different OS can't fix...
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    Why a full Windows VM?

    Wine runs almost all Windows software (and even most games without kernel-based anticheat) just fine.
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    @hitko I remembered that there were prepacked Windows VMs for Virtual Box and a quick search for windows Iso while installing applications in linux only got me Windows 11 downloads.

    To be fair to windows: this problem was probabily also caused by me not having any familiarity with the windows page and my granddad looking over my sholder the whole time.
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    @Oktokolo I wasn't sure wine could be used for the software my grandfather wants. The last time I fiddled around with wine was 3+ years ago and it didn't work out quite as well as I though.

    The apps my granddad needs are for video creation and image manipulation, I don't know if wine is really applicable there.
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    https://www.heidoc.net'samp;#039;s Windows ISO Downloader, it's really practical.

    But Linux FTW of course.
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    just fucking route his Documents directory, or even the whole user directory including desktop to a folder on that other drive, it's not that hard.
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    @hitko I remember having a similar problem. You see, Microsoft's download site doesn't show you the downloads if you use windows (or rather browser headers that make it look like windows)

    Don't ask me why this should be a good idea
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    @Awlex The fuck you're on? https://microsoft.com/software-down..., works with every possible browser header and OS, and I've been using it since the first time I had to install Windows 10. It's also the first result on search engines if you search for "download windows 10".
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    @hitko Shit like that is why I'm 99% certain most Windows / Microsoft haters are just incompetent idiots who claim Linux is better because some server admin once said so.
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    @Midnight-shcode That was my plan. Mounting the folders he needs on windows to the HDD and sharing them with the vm. The problem rn is getting his old Windows 7 Product Key to work with Windows 10 instead of paying for the license.

    Got some Error message about not being allowed to upgrade a product key on another Instance of Windows or sth.

    Maybe I'll just use wine. Or get him to use kdenlive and gimp (or inkscape).
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    @hitko Then let me phrase it otherwise. If you have windows 10 headers the site does not give you the option to download the iso file, only an executable, which is fucking useless if you want to create a bootable usb drive. Jeez, calm down windows fanboy
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    @Awlex Umm that executable can either create the bootable USB or download the ISO. So what's the problem there? You either get your damn ISO from the official source, with latest updates and all, or you can just make a bootable USB directly, without using some third-party tool. And all it takes is to search for "download windows 10" and click the first result.

    But you know, whatever. Who cares that Microsoft provides official up-to-date ISO for anyone to download, who cares that they include a tool to make a bootable USB or DVD in one step, who cares they've been doing this for 15 fucking years which is why nobody bothers to publish bootleg ISO downloads anymore. What matters is that some ignorant person spent waaay too much time trying to find and download it "their own way", and got so upset that they decided to blame Microsoft for their own incompetence. And that person is going around getting people to switch to Linux.
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    @hitko omg, I downloaded the ISO from there after I switched off the plugin that changes my useragent.

    Point is that if microsoft think you run windows they don't offer you to download the ISO as is and I'm not gonna run an exe tailored to windows under linux, not even under wine...
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    @flask not what i meant. any of it.
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    @Midnight-shcode what did you mean then? I assumed you were talking about mounting the big drive as home directory

    Did you mean doing this in windows?
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    @hitko you know, people here just like to bullshit against ms and windows make them feel cool and get ++
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