"So you're a coder?"
"Can you hack the pentagon then"


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    I've got numb to stupid TV shows / movies where hacking consists of:

    *clattering away at the keyboard for 5 seconds*
    "Ok, I'm in"

    I used to despair at it, but it happens so often now that I just have to let it go, otherwise I'd never get anything done...
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    *starts metasploit*

    *builds payload*

    "sure if you would just click the exe i just sent you and give me your ip i can connect you to the pentagon right away" 😏
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    Just say yes. Yes i can.
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    say i can hack not only pentagon but hexagon, octagon too. I just need some graphics api.
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    Awesome :))))
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    I got a more stupid one:
    "so you are a coder? "
    " yeah"
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    He will ask you to taught him
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    @EdgeLord69 then you just do some random meaningless stuff in the terminal pretending to hack something until he inevitably gives up :)
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    @EdgeLord69 yes I am a programmer and yes I can hack someone's Facebook account. This is called social engineering and pretty much everyone can do that.
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    I got asked to hack a Facebook account today. Find it comical actually.
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    Step 1: http://www.hackertyper.com
    Step 2: F11
    Step 3: profit
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