What is the future scope of QA automation, is it good or should someone switch to Dev asap !?

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    @zlice 100%, but if you need to sound “cool” in the meetings then you have to say the tests are 100% automated, but still keep your human QA team anyway. Tech is 90% bark, 10% bite.
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    IMO many apps can and should have automated e2e tests, or at least regressions for most important features. For web apps you can use selenium, desktop is harder to automate because there is a myriad of different tools for ui.
    Such tests can be ran reasonably quickly, sometimes even as part of cicd pipeline between dev and staging environments.
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    Hundreds of other students and I belong to them. I'm not ready to devote so much time to practicing my writing skills, seeing no result. Of course, it'll benefit my future and everything, but I had better learn to write by the professionals' example.
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