Yeah, thank you copilot, i don't think that's what anyone would write

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    Who said that AI will take jobs ?

    I wonder if someone already made an entire website using only Copilote inputs...
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    Not even the most retarded fuck would dare to write this piece of trash.
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    A hadouken using divs instead of nesting ifs. Hired!
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    Is the training set getting poisoned finally?
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    Stairs to the heaven 🌌:)
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    Eyo, Immer mehr.
    "Es ist besser, wenn man mehr hat."
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    @nitnip The training set is all of Github which means that it's getting recirculated and this highlights all sorts of funky positive feedback loops.

    But most of these dumb suggestions is actually just bad analysis that assigns higher significance to shitty autogenerated code with easily recognizable patterns.
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    Neues Zitat von ihm am Berliner HBf
    "Ich helfe gern, ich helfe viel."
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