A few months a couple of my colleagues, a business consultant and a developer, worked on a big project. The project capsized because the client is an A-hole and the developer was way over his head.

To save the project I was brought on board. The entire code base was a fucking mess of duplicated code. Shortly after, the developer called in sick with stress, simply because the whole thing was too much.

Fast forward to now; we just launched. The client is expressing concerns about the quality of the work because of the bumpy road (rightly so). I try to explain why my way of doing things is better, but to "paint the picture" I had to compare my approach to my predecessor. This results in the business consultant shooting me down, right in front of the client.

I fucking saved your job, your project, and about $1M in profits. I'm allowed to tell the story of why my incompetent coworker messed everything up.

I'm so done walking on egg shells because some just don't realize they are not cut out for software development.

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    Do you have to contrast you approach with the previous one? Can’t you just explain why your approach is appropriate?

    Then, If the client asks why this wasn’t done from the start, say you weren’t there at the launch and hand over to the consultant.
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    @platypus well, my predecessor was offered help to find another job. I think the main reason for the consultants reaction is that he very much feel responsible. And my explanation is pretty close to your suggestion.
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