FaceBook, over the years you’ve proven that you can’t be trusted and you still have the nerve to ask for this type of personal data?

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    I’m looking forward to the network effect working to bring Facebook down. Everyone who leaves decreases the value for the remaining users (products)…until everyone is running for the door.
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    This usually happens if you've used a fictional name and someone reports you.

    I wanted to use just a singular name (i.e. no surname) - changed it, worked for some time, then apparently someone didn't like it and reported me and I got the same prompt. IIRC didn't bother and just kept my name as it is.
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    I have lost an account, email and phone number and there is no way in earth I can recover it because this shitty company don't give a fuck about their users ... Let's say I didn't want this profile with all my personal info to be viewed by all people what to do? I asked few friends to report it several times but they never deleted it .
    Fucked up company
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    @kamen in this case the account is in my real name. I deactivated five years ago.
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    @platypus I thought the amount of FB users was decreasing rapidly but I guess not as much as expected. I realized that I missed my high school class reunion because it was entirely organized via FB. I mean, I get that it’s convenient to help maintain contact for groups of people with common interests, but to be completely out of of the loop because you’re not on the platform, that sucks. Although thankfully that was the case more so before than now, but apparently it still happens (case in point…)
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    Same happens due to a change a while a ago on youtube, you have to upload a photo id to confirm your age, to whatch restricted views that is 18+.

    Even thought your account is set to being over 18 and have been registered for more than 10 years.

    Hell no that i am going to send a copy of my IDs to those cyber criminals at google. Those assholes can fuck themselves.
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