It's not micromanagment. But I would like you to report to me every single day and discuss everything that you and every member of your team does every day.

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    ahh the joys of microsurveillance
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    So... stand ups?
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    Oh man I fucking love this one.

    Do it. And I mean fucking do it every god damned day. Setup a 1 hour call at noon and talk about everything you did.

    Who you talked to, why they needed you, how long you talked, specific questions they asked, the answers you gave, why those answers are the answer, etc.

    Give it a good two weeks. Nobody will ever want to talk to you again...ever.

    Bonus, you'll never be questioned about what your value is because nobody will want the hour long soapbox meetings to return.
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    @sariel love this! I’d plus it again if I could 😆
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    @sparrowEatsHawk I take the "1990s unhealthy parent catches you smoking" approach to dumbass management requests.

    You want to smoke? Then we're going to sit here and you're going to smoke this whole fucking carton in front of me to prove to me you *really* want it.

    I have made shitty managers up and quit because they just couldn't take it.

    Bad managers just can't handle employees that give them *exactly* what they asked for.
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    Damn agree @sariel
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    @sariel you definitely know how to play the game 😂
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