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    In that case I hope I never sign up to a service that you made 😜
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    *ehm* hey i think whatisyourip.com is giving faulty results, could you send me a screenshot so i can double check :D
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    Don't delude yourself into thinking that Base64 is an encryption standard, it's an encoding scheme and what you're doing isn't bad practice. It's extremely bad security.
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    I know. Next time I'll try to make it more secure. I promise.
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    @Skayo no don't try, just do it. And don't ever tell anyone that you store passwords unencrypted, even if it makes for a good joke here. Someone might put two and two together and figure out what sites you run etc etc...
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    I think you are confused mate. Base64 is encoding not encryption. It is an encoding that takes place to standardise the content before it is being encrypted or hashed.
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    Someone lost his humor sense here
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    @Skayo its so insanely easy to so bcrypt now, no reason to make it insecure
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    base64 isn't secure enough. I use plain text.
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    If someone ever find out who you are, just calm them down by telling them you use md5 and not base64.
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    Here it's even better we actually save them in plain text in the legacy project. Typical PHP security level.
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    To all of you: I don't have any public sites. I only have some test logins wich use Base64 and I'm the only one who is registered.

    I know a lot of ways to encrypt passwords but I am a bit lazy...
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    @Skayo haha, not a valid reason. If your lazy just store them in clear text, it's the same thing.
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    @cors I got
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    awesome, I use Adler32, it has really good security, too
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    LoL, "encrypt" 😂
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