Nightmare IRL:

Your colleague is in PTO for 2 weeks.

You are in charge of maintaining his project along with yours, CI, code, tests and everything.

Your colleague's code base is a real master piece of shit when you look at it closer. By shit, I mean hardcoded values everywhere, random sleeps now and then, 20 if branches that could be replaced by maps, variables named a b c d everywhere, try catch to silence errors that should not be silenced, etc.

Your colleague left the CI and code broken as shit. Takes forever to run on my goddamn computer.

PMs are spamming you: "What is going on? It's red everywhere. Help! Plz fix this! We are going to release tomorrow!"


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    So a normal work day in this fucking field?
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    WTF = PTO?
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    @hjk101 Paid Time Off
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    I feel you man, this is something that I get on a daily because we are running some old fucking applications that the previous developers made, these apps are absolute fucking garbage, the legit reason why people hate or don't want to work with php? yeah, I see that every day in these applications.

    My condolences to you friend, I'll have a beer today in your honor
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    job security level 99
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    "We are going to release tomorrow!"

    "That's what YOU think..."
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