Will we code on quantum computers in rhe future? What language will work? Will there be new language for just them?

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    Yes and we will all have to learn brainfuck
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    I think it'll be a case of specialist hardware for certain applications. For example prime number factorization can be done in logarithmic time on qm computers, qm crypto is a thing, etc. In a similar way to openCL/vulcan mainly being used for specialised purposes.
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    If they​ write a JVM for it in some low level language and it's ​standard compliant I will have no problem with switching. :P
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    Given how world progresses so far... I don't know what will be the quantum programming language, but sure as hell JavaScript will run on them.
    We already have node, electron, atom etc... so my prediction is that JS runtime for qm will be called Quark ;P
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