Any place to run a simple python script? For free.

I just need to keep it running, forever.

Can't run on my laptop, script needs constant internet.

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    See pythonanywhere.com , redhat's openshift, heroku
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    @vish they all need a process listing on a port for incoming connections, they crash otherwise. If i have that processing running, i can't run my non web thread.
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    dude what?
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    docker? or a vm on aws or such... But I think theres gotta be a better way to do what u wanna do tho.... maybe use nodejs instead of python I understand its threading is asyncronous and sockets wont close if theres no activity... Or maybe I missunderstanding what u saying..
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    Google AppEngine had a free tier, would that be enough?
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    A raspberry pi
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    @tahnik forever as in, the script polls a url every 2 mins, i need the script running for polling.
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    @JohanO don't have a credit card 😞 otherwise that's the best option for me
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    @kdev pythons threads are blocking, otherwise it would have so easy running my process in the background.
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    firebase functions
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    @coldfire need to run a continuously polling function. Would firebase be helpful in that?
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    You can use a Google cloud environment if you wanna get your hands a bit dirty.
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