"What language should I learn?" Wellll.

43 PERCENT Of banking systems are built on COBOL

80 PERCENT Of in-person transactions use COBOL

95 PERCENT Of ATM swipes rely on COBOL code

220 BILLION Lines of COBOL in use today

"Experienced COBOL programmers can earn more than $100 an hour when they get called in to patch up glitches, rewrite coding manuals or make new systems work with old." [1]

Found this pretty interesting/crazy.

[0] http://tmsnrt.rs/2nMf18G
[1] http://reuters.com/article/...

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    Is that a hourly wage for freelance work?
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    Yeah, but then you are working on the oldest frankencode ever. It may be living, but it isn't intelligent or sensible.
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    Did you read my mind?!?! I literally thought about trying to learn it from the same conclusion this morning!
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    I think watching paint dry is actually less of a risk going insane than working with Cobol.
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    @iam13islucky And in addition to the old frankencode you have to deal with the new frankencode that you write. Because it is nearly impossible to write maintainable code in COBOL.
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    Stock Exchange are mostly C++, job is high paying too.
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