Best Visual Studio alternatives?

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    For .net mono develop maybe... Not very sure it has been ages since I touch 'that'
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    Pretty sure there are a few similar threads somewhere but will chip in my usual: sublime.

    I've coded in 5+ languages for significant pieces of work in the last 6 months and sublime has done a pretty good job of syntax highlighting and project parsing (go to definition) for them all.

    C++, objective C, R, JS, html.
    It supports way more.
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    Jetbrains Rider is really the closest one.
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    I have no answer for you... Just tried to put a React boilerplate together with VS code and sublime and failed miserably first in sublime then in code... No problems with VS Pro...

    I'm blaming my inaptitude on the IDE... I know it doesn't make sense but it's a form of protecting my ego until I find where I fucked up! :D
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    For c++: CLion by jetbrains.
    If youre a student you can even get it for free.
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    VS Code
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    Neovim or vim that would be the only answer you'll get from me x)
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