Learned a new word here in devRant: sleep code.

Code that's is written where you hardly can get an eye open.

Crazy shit 😵

Edit: Yeah, I count sleep code as one word (or phrase if this will satisfy you before commenting)

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    Then drunk code is a thing too. Surely...
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    @RhysOC *hickup* ..It is, but don't call me Shirley.. *falls over drunk*

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    wank code (double meaning)
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    Dream code as well. You have not stuggled with a problem until you have had dreams about solutions, tried one them, and have it work.
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    @Stalker Well, that escalated quickly!
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    @Stalker, it happens to me too!
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    In our office beer is allowed, and after 6pm code that was written while drinking a beer (which is fine), has to be labeled "n-beer code" I'm the commit message xD
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    @Eariel It is really an awesome feeling. The first time I was like WTF, did I really have a dream about this solution or am I full of shit. Turns out I was in fact not full of shit. :-D
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    @lappalal awesome idea/ritual. I will have to steal that one.
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    @Stalker it happened many times with me. I don't know what id real anymore.
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    @treeroot what ever makes you feel goog seems like a good bet to me.
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