Why though.

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    Oh πŸ’© fuck πŸ’©im πŸ’© out!πŸ‘‡
    What πŸ’©has πŸ’© the πŸ’© world πŸ‘‡
    Come πŸ’© too πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ‘‡
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    still better than excels excessive use of semicolons.
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    @TheCommoner282 *shudder* at least go with a pipe or something
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    I'll bring my most hated argument of performance now.

    You're wasting precious bytes per delimiter as many emoticons require 3 to 4 byte.

    P e r f o r m a n c e.
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    @IntrusionCM very good point especially on a bug enough set of data
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    @TheCommoner282 I would use carry return as delimiter.
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    Only zero-width spaces as delimiters for me, thanks
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    I love it.
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