> Customer calls
Her: I have over 5k 404 request to [insertwebsite]/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml
Me: Sound like a missconfigured exchangeserver/client. Let me have a look.
> Takes a look and can confirm the IP and the owner of that IP
Me: It looks like someone/something from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is failing to resolve autodiscover.[insertdomain].com
and defaults to @ record on the zone. Do you happend to know to whom that IP belongs?
Her: No, and I dont care, just block it. I do not like the 404 that shows up on the summary.
Me: Alright
> Blocks the IP in the firewall.

>>> Fast forward to next day >>>

> Someone calls, it is the same girl
Her: I cant reach my website! Infact, I cant reach anything! WHYYYYYY!!!
> I remember, blocking that IP yesterday...
Me: Oh, can you please visist "minip.se" (whatismyip.com, swedish version) and tell me what you see?
Her: Yes, it is xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
Me: Do you remember that IP that you request that I block yesterday?
> I can hear the shame coming from the phone.
> Turn out that her collegues did'nt have any mail delivered to them from the time I blocked their IP
> Her boss is really mad
> Atleast she had a cute voice

  • 41
    "at least she had a cute voice" ++
  • 4
    Do you document these conversations later on and share it with then via email?a summary at least
  • 6
    I do, and I also record every call. To cover my ass
  • 5
    @Linux that is good. I record all my calls too.
  • 1
    @tisaconundrum @Linux that's a really good idea...
  • 0
    @Linux is that legal?
  • 2
    Yes, if we notify the caller, and that we do in the queue
  • 2
    @Linux of course... I was thinking as a freelancer... I forget people work for companies lol
  • 1
    I work as freelancer and usually use my android for all the calls. Is there a app, that could record all conversation with customers, like on a phone number basis, like if number `000 000 00 00` calls, record it?
  • 0
    @pascalwacker what app?
  • 1
    @Linux that was the question, if there is one, which could do that. Sorry if it wasn't clear, one tired dev here ;)
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    Oh,. :)

    Yeah I have to sleep too
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