I was working as a software dev contractor at this company providing specific e-learning services for a specific industry X.

One day the CEO posts on Linkedin about an interview discussing the potential of gaining $100k per year working in industry X after getting specialized training for 6 months (using our e-learning platform of course) .

My gross income at the time was $65k. My experience was about 7-8 years. Now the thing is you might say "gee that's pretty low for a dev, especially a contractor", and yes I agree, but you have to understand a few facts:

1. I am from eastern Europe (cheapish labor - which btw for all of you out there from the West, including Germany and whatnot, it is xenophobic to consider easterners cheap and it personally insults me and my ability - but that's another story)

2. I was happy to accept the offer since it was the best I had up to that point :))

Now, by the time the LinkedIn post I was heavily invested in the product development. I personally had written 30% of the code (frontend and backend) compared to the whole development team (about 15 devs)... and yes you might argue that performance is not measured by number of lines of code... but trust me when I am saying I did the most on that product, and I am not saying this to brag, I actually care about the stuff that I work on.

When I saw that post on Linkedin I thought to myself "what kind of BS is this? I am a dev and devs are supposedly the best paid workers out there, and a guy from industry X that just got trained for 6 months would get more than me?! WTF?!"

So I messaged the CEO ...

Me: I noticed the post from linkedin about $100k by working in industry X, I am curious how does one get to that revenue per year? What is your advice?

CEO: The best way to obtain value is by creating value which you maximize continuously.

Me: and how does one maximize value?

CEO: it does not matter how hard your work but how large of an impact you make!

Me: ... and how do you measure impact? (me thinking about performance reviews for contract negotiations - and because performance reviews should be SMART -> meaning it should be measurable somehow)

CEO: Simon Sinek says ... << insert motivational quote here because I don't remember and don't care >>

I just lost if after reading the name "Simon Sinek" ...

So you see my dear friends ? It is all fairy dust, smoke and mirrors, in the end it is about maximizing profits, lowering costs and maintaining the illusion of opportunity... when there is none.

Lord is my witness... I hate hypocrisy and quackery ...

You can imagine that my contribution on that product immediately lowered, doing the bare minimum to meet the contract demands AND I FEEL NO REGRET.


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    CEO can be replaced with a bot.

    And yes - outside contracts are minimal delivery, in minimum time, with maximum pay.
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    Nope, it isn't xenophobic to have slaves. It is wrong for enough other reasons. But xenophobia requires fear or hatred of the foreign, strange or unknown (especially humans). Most often, that fear or hatred just does not exist in the profit-maximizing slave owners.
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    @Oktokolo well, but there is also an element of "Oh he is from <country> That means he'll do a job for cheap but also wouldn't be qualified enough to do it properly" which results in others seeing workers from <country> and thinking "oh someone cheaped out on workers and used some incompetence from <country>"

    so you'll get some kind of association of a region with (frustratingly) unqualified workers.
    Which - I agree - might not quite be xenophobic, but is either ways problematic
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    @magicMirror someone quick, write a Simon sinek quote bot that generates quotes that sound like him.

    Then hire it as the CEO of a joke startup, as part of an actual corporation or other.

    Can be put on twitter to handle important public relations comments.
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