So, I did Ubuntu 18.04 updates today. Apparently doing so broke the sound on my computer. 18.04 is not new. It has been working fine for over 3 years and none of the other updates broke the sound. How do we get to 2022 with Linux being over 20 years old and it fucking breaks the sound on an update? I don't even see shit like this in Windows 10 any more.

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    It is worse than I thought. Ubuntu is turning into Windows. It required a second reboot to "fix" the sound. The HUMANITY!
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    18.04 packages are probably no longer heavily tested as 20.04 is already 2 years old
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    These kinds of problems are rarely the fault of the OS.

    For linux there was a long time with limited support for special hardware and many relied on generic drivers with limited functionality which meant not to much could go wrong.

    And for servers that is usually fine.

    But as more desktops use it there will be more manufacturer drivers with more features and those can break since they are not used as much and the hardware and drivers may evolve faster.

    That also often the cause of problems of windows.

    And when desktop linux becomes more main stream we will see more and more buggy hardware and drivers, just as Mac and linux was usually heralded as more secure against viruses when the real reason often was the users fault or that mac was so much less used so not as many bothered to write viruses.

    Linux users traditionally was often more tech savy.

    But with a wider audience comes the same problems.
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    @Voxera there are 3 different areas that linux has problems with hardware:
    - sound, even with alsa and pulseaudio audio is hard on some computers
    - nvidia
    - special devices, next to no hardware manufacrurer cares for linux. Its gotten better, but not where you want to be.
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    @stop and all three are becoming a problem with desktop linux since servers usually do not need those.

    So its the users fault :P
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    @zlice the ai can generate the sound and the drivers for the interface are in the kernel
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    So EVERY time it boots from being off the audio no longer works and needs a soft reboot...

    So I found a "solution" that works and also fixes the same issue with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS:


    Just work damn it! I don't give a flying fart why it doesn't work. Come on Todd, make it just work.
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    @Demolishun my problem is the suspend on idle. my temporary solution is an usb soundcard.
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