The real battle of distros......πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ even till now I have not settled on a Linux distro to use I am always testing them(for 3 years)

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    If you ever find one let me know, I'm in the same boat. Currently running the centos desktop environment, loving it so far
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    @daarkfall Arch (or Arch based) with i3 or any other tiling window managers.

    You can download Manjaro with i3 pre-installed if you're lazy:

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    I'm kinda similar. Although I don't change distros that often. But in the past 7 years - I started out with Ubuntu. Then switched to Xfce + ubuntu after their pathetic 12.04 release with Unity. Even that was not satisfactory. Switched to Debian with Gnome shell. Gnome shell was buggy those days. Soon switched to Mint with mate then with Cinnamon. Then switched back to Debian + Gnome. Used that for a long time. Then switched to Arch Linux since last 1 year.
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    Same for me, I guess I can never settle with the same user interface for a long time.
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    Distro choice is less of an issue compared to desktop environments for me...

    Never been able to get used to kde, gnome3 or unity. I kind of like cinnamon... but no unconditional love.
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    Yeah I did the exact same thing, for multiple years, then i got a MacBook for free, and now I wouldn't dream of ever going back. But good luck dude😁
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    For now I'm stuck on fedora tbh
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    I never found the perfect Linux distribution. And I am testing them since 1997
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    I am now in ubuntu gnome.. πŸ˜‚
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