Which is worse? A shitstorm written in php 5 or asp webforms

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    Does not matter, a shitstorm is a shitstorm no matter what language and good code is good code no matter what language.

    Language is just a tool.
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    That's like comparing a whales shit to an elephants shit, and asking which tastes better. It's still shit spinning around in circles.
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    @Voxera I think I disagree. Some languages can be abused much more and be much harder to... Fix
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    An Java jwt application
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    @Voxera nicely put!!
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    @SortedSet need a spoon?
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    a 2013 Rails app
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    A shitstorm is a shitstorm and vice-versa
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    Asp webforms is the shitiest, it's like Microsoft is trying badly to make us use a stupid designer to create a stupid non responsive ugly ass page without touching html, css or js ...
    They are parasites to web development in my opinion they should just stick to the backend side since asp net works good on that side
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