big companies have the shittiest code.

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    Also small companies.

    Medium companies as well.
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    can't agree more.
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    @rantsauce in a nutshell, everything is shit 😐
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    @iiii all code not written by me is shit.

    all code written by me is also most likely shit
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    Not all, some startups are the worst. Like my ex employment. the code just crazy
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    My experience has been the opposite. I work at a big company now, and the code is the best out of all the companies ive worked at
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    you don't become big by writing good code
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    I work for a fairly large company and our code quality is diverse. There are parts really well written and tested with actual architecture and parts that contain dead code or minimum viable product (MVP) upon MVP.
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    The advantages of small companies: All the code you are working with is your code.
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    @happygimp0 And yet after some time, you will look at your own code and think it is shitty.

    Code is like food, we al know how it ends…
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    @rov3rand0m True, but i prefer my old code over code from anybody else.
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