New AltRant build!

This new build brings the new Subscribed feed to AltRant! This took me quite some time to implement and I hope it will be stable...

Here's the link for those who want to join the TestFlight:


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    I’ve downloaded it. Couple things right away:

    Crashes when clicking “Profile”.
    The avatar builder is very annoying to use - switching between categories is just annoying.
    I think “log out” button should use On/Off icon, instead of a padlock.
    While I love being able to select text on rants/comments, there should still be a double-tap to upvote (perhaps hold to select?).
    Swiping back is pretty difficult to trigger.
    Downdooting doesn’t seem to work.
    Updooting/downdooting feels sluggish (I assume it’s just a delay of server’s response - maybe just lie to the user that it happened instantly?)

    Overall I am looking forward for what’s next with this project :)

    EDIT: Oh, and it would be awesome if you could preview what image you have attached!
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    It's so sad this is apple only!
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    App doesn't work on Chromium on Gentoo x64.
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    @athlon Thank you so much for the much needed feedback! The downvoting issue is… new. I actually did not notice that this ever appeared, this is really odd. I will definitely take a look at this. Also, can you give an alternative to choosing the categories in the avatar editor? It’s still kinda in testing so I am not super sure about anything in there. Also, the image preview is a fantastic suggestion and I will implement that immediately!

    Genuinely, thank you so so much for the feedback, I really needed some!
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    @OmerFlame Firstly, I wouldn’t hide the avatar controls at all - in my opinion there is no point of doing that, as by default you are left with the huge empty black space under the avatar. Switching between categories is tedious in a way where to change the category, you first must swipe the thing up, click a very tiny (not even obvious) link to change it.

    Here’s my proposition quickly made in Figma - inspired by Spotify’s “Your Library” section. A horizontally scrollable list of categories. The list of items is scrollable either vertically or horizontally.
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    @athlon This is clearly superior, I need to implement this as soon as I can and when I have some free time!
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    @athlon I implemented it to the (almost) best of my ability! It looks **WAY** better and works better than ever! Here's a picture of my current implementation, if you have any more good ideas (that are not in the list of suggestions you created a few comments above), make sure to send them here! Also, can you explain to me how to recreate the crash when tapping on "Profile"?
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    @OmerFlame wow. Crazy how good you copied it from the picture! looks as if the picture was a Screenshot of ur client
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    @joewilliams007 I gotta give credit where credit is due, this design is clearly superior.

    I fixed most of the issues you talked about in the comment above, but just FYI, dR servers have a weird habit of giving the wrong rant score after you downvote it, as if the user never downvoted it. If the number doesn't seem to go down, then this is not an AltRant issue, it's a dR server issue.

    I also can't reproduce the profile screen crash that you are experiencing. If you can, please message me on Discord about it so we can work on this issue further together. This sounds like a really bad issue and I want it fixed.

    This is my Discord: meme man 維ぞ易#0127

    Make sure to copy and paste it, the letters are non-standard.
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    @OmerFlame hey u tagged da wrong person
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    @joewilliams007 OOPS

    @athlon I meant to mention you instead :P.

    Derp moment.
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