y'all got any markdown programm recommendations?

Someone (maybe on here) said they use MD for everything instead of word.
Now I wondered, which programm works well for that? Word or a full IDE seems kinda overkill


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    VS code works fine for my taste
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    I’d like to have a good viewer and standard for MD, instead of an editor.

    So that I can send it as a file or host it easily and it will de displayed correctly. Similar to an SVG viewer.

    I hate having to export it to PDF.
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    I use Mark Text mainly. Otherwise, pycharm community
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    MarkText ftw. Typora was nice but they made it a paid app. If you pay it's real good too.
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    I'm not sure I understand what you're looking for but I really like Obsidian.
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    QOwnNotes is really good. I just switched to it from gedit as my scratchpad.
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    Neato, thanks! Checked out Mark Text, I like the workflow and design
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    Depends on how hard core you are.

    Notepad is okay if you just touch a computer occasionally

    Visual Studio Code if you are a developer, and have ever unironically descirbed yourself as "ninja", "rockstar" and most of your work is in Web Dev

    Vim + Mdless + Terminal if you are a hard bitten cynic, who has a non fashionable beard, you have strong opinions on case sensitivity for OS commands, and you consume enough caffeine in a day to justify Starbucks opening a new location next to your house.

    Doom Emacs if you have transcended the mortal plane, wear suspenders and manipulate OSes and Code like lessor men manipulate their toaster, and have ever complained that technically Linux isn't really "Free" enough, and you know what the difference is between free beer and free speech.
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    The selling point if md is its simplicity which enforces consistency by default, and it can be edited as plain text. I just use VSCode since I already have it installed.

    This is huge if your wiki is in md since everyone can make basic contributions regardless of tools or their technical level. Many sites let you edit it directly in the browser as well.

    The biggest pain point is tables, but making or updating those in other formats isn't much better. I've also seen some odd formatting when the writer insists on trying to force a certain layout instead of keeping it simple and consistent.
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    VS Code.
    Or the markdown extension for Visual Studio if I happen to be in that.
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