Let me ask you something: why do most people prefer ms word over a simple plain text document when writing a manual. Use Markdown!

You can search and index it (grep, ack, etc)
You don't waste time formatting it.
It's portable over OS.
You only need a simple text editor.
You can export it to other formats, like PDF to print it!
You can use a version control system to version it.

Please! stop using those other formats. Make everyone's life easier.

Same applies when sharing tables. Simple CSV files are enough most of the time.

Thank you!!?!

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    I can almost imagine writing my final document for studies in plain markdown....

    That would be too painful, too time wasting/consuming and very unpractical.

    Also I do imagine CSV being able to SORT, calculate and so on in the same document... Yeah, coz thats how it works, right?!
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    Yeah... I'm talking about over using those applications.
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    @voodoo14 You see, not everything that can be done with different tools should be done with different tools.

    There is way too many cases where it's just easier to run word/excel or whatever alternative to it than just go for markdown/whatever or that csv :) There is a reason why office package exists and why it is being used so widely.
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    @potata First sentence is spot on.

    I could use a screwdriver to beat a nail into the wall, but wouldn't using a hammer make more sense, considering that's what it specializes in doing?

    You can also access word on several devices. I've used it on my phone to write a paper while riding the school bus because it was due that day 😂😂😂.
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    @Alice :0 really ? So please teach me how do you grep it ? For example. Thanks in advance.
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    I'm starting to use markdown with chat purpose.

    Being used to emacs keybindings makes me wanna vomit whenever I have to write anything more than a line out of it.

    Even emails I'm writing on emacs and than copy-pasting to send.

    Its much better :)
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    I prefer LaTeX 👍
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    @Alice that's it. depends on...
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    So you're suggestig to use some format, that not only isn't permitted across pretty much all offices (heh), schools, .. but also is a pain in the ass to have actual cross program standard? nice bait meme, try again.

    edit: there was also an extension that allows you to use git with ms docs btw
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    I would use Libre office more often if it had good VIM bindings. But in general I feel more at home in less bloated editors, also for human oriented texts.
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    Just use AsciiDoc and be happy.
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    MS word has built in spell checking :)
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    Markdown has its place, but it's not the final word in writing documents.

    I usually prefer it over Word or Google Docs, especially as I can edit in a terminal.
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    MS word is not even installed on most computers in my office, only for people who actively need it.

    So if someone try to communicate with the devs with a Word document, answer is "can't read that" (I even have the excuse that LibreOffice, for some reason, don't work anymore on my computer).

    After that, I try to educate people about why using a proprietary format and continue helping its spreading is not a good thing, but most just gloss over with "everyone do that" (WELL I KNOW), so I just give up and stay on my stance.
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    @Fradow The file formats that Ms Office uses are not proprietary and haven't been since beginning of 2000 when they changed to .docx and the rest.
    I can even open them in vim with no problem
    (although, it horrible to try and edit their xml-structure without a WYSIWYG editor)
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    LaTeX anyone?
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    @Thizizmyname thanks for the correction. Still seem like a shitty format we shouldn't spread, as there are better alternatives, and isn't easily text-searchable anyway.
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