Pro tip: when taking a picture of your computer screen, make sure to turn the flash on

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    I tried really hard to make the environment as bad as possible but the picture is still perfectly fine, how the hell do people take bad photos of screens?
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    @RazorSh4rk i now feel really bad for posting my second rant ever with an awful photo of my monitor 😂
    Thought about it too late unfortunately.
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    Well, at least we are out if the CRT age. Taking a photo of that screen was bad enough, let alone adding flash to it.

    That takes me back to school when I had to walk out of class because I laughed the wind out of myself.

    A girl was "copying" someone's work. The teacher had apparently asked her to copy the file to her computer, and she whipped out her n70 and took a picture of the screen and went and typed the whole document out again. We were all issued 128mb flash drives.

    Good old days. But fuck, where was I. Ah yes. Protip indeed. Protip #2: make sure to first take a screenshot of the photo you are posting, and then add a caption or a filter to it. This way everyone knows you're a graphics designer.
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    @ragnarr023 graphics desnign is my p a s s i o n
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    pro pro tip: when taking a picture of your computer screen, just take a screenshot instead
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    I use Greenshot. It auto-saves to a dedicated folder. I take a lot of screnshots...
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    @billgates I too use greenshot, it's awesome. Though I miss one feature badly, you can't take grab of screen which needs rolling (like long web page).
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    @yendenikhil try fireshot extension :)
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