I didn’t. I went for an interview and quizzed this multi-million £ business about their architecture: it sounded awful.
I made some diagrams on how I would’ve done it, how it would scale etc and why. They were blown away and wanted me to implement this structure including the job they wanted to hire me for.
They sent a contract over: had the wrong name on it
They corrected the name but I noticed the salary was incorrect
They sent a third and by this time I was offered an interview elsewhere so I went

The hirer then called me to say he was frustrated I hadn’t signed a contract yet making it sound like it was my fault for not wanting to sign an illegitimate contract. he then went on to say that the salary had been reduced, I asked why and they said they felt I wasn’t a senior developer.
So I took the other job and they kept their shitty architecture πŸ’πŸΌ‍♀️

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    Oh and then the recruiter phoned me to say he was very angry he didn’t get his commission for “all the work” he put in πŸ˜… sorry mate. Not accepting no toxic job
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    Sometimes you dodge a bullet without even realizing it! Not this time though
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    Supernatural dodge, Gratz!
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    @RemySphere this is not a bullet. This is a tank shell.
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    And that is why they have shitty architecture. They fucked around with other devs and found out. They ended up with shitty dev that made what they had. Now they trying same shit to jerk around a new dev.
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    @kiki Ahhh noooo! If you’re a react dev we’re currently looking for a react dev so I could save you?
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    @kiki yes but can you do bullet time?
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    How can you design a new architecture and then be evaluated as "not senior"? Like, isn't designing software what makes a developer senior?
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    @StopMotionCuber I know right, event bridge, SNS and SQS triggersπŸ˜… and their CTO had no idea what SNS or event bridge was πŸ˜… oh well, we move!
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    Congratulations. You dodged a bullet and got more money out of it
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    @nachocode eventually yes! But took some time In the end!
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