Don't you just hate where we're going forward with these different JS frameworks and packages? WebPack, Electron and all the other ways we try to use JS for desktop development and a simple build of a tiny project taking 10 mins on an average spec core i7 machine, then overdosing on npm install since every frikn thing is now so modular you donwload a gazillion packages just to set up user authentication with a simple route manager in your app.

JavaScript is fine really for certain purposes. It's these other frameworks that try to modularize every single aspect of it that sucks. If there's anything called too modular, JS has reached it now. over-modularizing, and over-complicating everyday trivial tasks just to introduce yet another frikn package or framework.

Really missing the good'ol monolithic days of programming. I mean, modular is fine bro, but for godsakes draw the line somewhere!

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    I sort of agree. It makes it easy for newer programmers to just use some modules without fully understanding how each module actually works.
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    Agreed. I worked on a project that used Ruby on Rails with React
    Fuuuck me that was modular
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    @turturtles I get what you mean. I had to put in a lot of time just to understand what were all these packages I'm requiring and why. What I saw was more scary than ugly. now there's atleast 5 alternate npm packages to do the exact same thing. ppl would publish modules for every trivial task, and the problem only grows and gets out of hand everytime we require one of those modules. there needs to be much tighter package moderation for this spaghetti package code to dissappear. the amount of inefficiency surrounding JS just blows me away!
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