i mailed @devrant for stickers but haven't received any reply
is it normal to not receive a reply or my email has been rejected
it's been 3 days!

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    I haven't mailed in yet. But I've heard alot of people complain that it takes MONTHS to get them.
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    Yes, if you read the fine print, it may be a couple of weeks before they send the stickers and/or reply. I just got a reply today and it has been exactly a week. Just have to be patient.
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    Sometimes, the mail they sent, went in to spam folders. So check, both, primary and spam label.
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    thanks guys!!😅
    eagerly waiting for the stickers 😅
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    Wait for few days. They will respond to it. I got my reponse after 1 week.
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    I don't think I got a response, took about 3 weeks to Germany
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    Its been more than 6 months, still waiting for my stressball :(
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