What's the best advice anyone gave you in your dev life?

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    Go to bed 😅
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    If you're the smartest guy in the room, you're in the wrong room.
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    Don't Google first before coding. Use your thinking ability to code whatever you can no matter how shitty the code is or how fucked up it is on performance. After you have a working feature, go and Google and look for the right way to do it. Compare and learn.
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    "Use gcc+vim instead of Turbo C."
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    No matter how good a programmer you are. The key of a project success is in communicating with people
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    "You can't do it"
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    @Biggy blasphemy.
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    Take frequent breaks
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    Dont do stuff because you think it looks good on your resume/cv
    Do stuff because you like it and it challenges you
    If you keep on doing stuff that you think looks good on a resume/cv you'll most likely end up unhappy with work and change jobs alot, which incidently is not something you want on your cv

    And that was advice given to me long before my dev life started
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    Don't use single character variables or abbreviated function names — current me, talking to past me.
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    Live inside open source projects and see how others do it, and compare it with your own way.

    As a self learning Dev, it helped me see how others think, and I sometimes come to no conclusion, for example: https://github.com/google/iosched/...

    Google puts data model with the rest of the code , while I always put them inside a models folder, can't think of which if better since Google's way is good as it packages everything together, as for my way it does it by type.... I don't know 😔
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    Remember, your code can do anything...
    You can be a God and try everything...
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