*screaming intensifies*

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    The autosave / backup is solid. Never really lost something
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    @Kimmax i did lost completed void...
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    Who forced you to use it?
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    @darksideplease I actually like VS, but you know... Nothing's perfect!
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    For me vs 2017 has been the best so far in terms of start up, project loading and building times. Really loving it not to forget the new installer..
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    I love visual studio, but vs code is now taking its place since I'm going .Net core and ironically only use it on macOS and Linux lol rarely use it on windows. And last in line comes xcode the one and only IDE that I will never like 😒
    My Eclipse days were better than xcode days 😪
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    @Kareithi r u using community eidtion? At work we have 2015 ultimate and I was wondering is community edition good enough? Does have load test?
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    What happened in your childhood?
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    @gitpush yeah I'm using the community edition, once you create an offline installer you can easily move from one version to the other should you need to. And yeah it has load test.
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    2017 is buuuuuugy!
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