I feel like contractor companies are crazy overfunded at the moment..

They keep hiring more people to put on the invoices but everyone seems to be working at 50 capacity at most...

I understand that clients rather overpay contractors than hiring people themselves that they don't need anymore in a few months and can't easily get rid of but dude.. I'd gladly do the job of 3 contractors for twice my salary in this current climate.

Not to mention that the amount of hiring brings lots of underqualified engineers with it.

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    Then, imagine a company who's reputation is to do a botch job.
    Yea, go find an agency and being cancelled.
    A friends cocaïne infused CEO burnt one company after another.
    Now all that's left is a paranoid wreck of a person who is once again leading people in one of his companies, creating the very opposite of plus value.
    Poor bloke
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    @scor kind of off topic
    happened that that friend and i just had a call and spoke about his now own company and quite different management approach(_es_)
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    Damn, I wish I could work 50% for the same salary... am currently at 120% workload. Fucking legacy hell.
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