To developers that make captchas case sensitive... Fuck you!

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    The funny thing is the bots are nowadays better than humans at solving captchas.
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    Gangbang to devs that make captchas case sensitive.
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    Seriously pain in a ass
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    That's the first captcha I've seen with a Cyrillic F (Ф).
    Multiple charsets seems like a good way to alienate your actual customers :/
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    Back in the old days, the only captcha that works was to solve what is 1+1
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    Isn't that a phi
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    How the... What? Cryllic? What?
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    not to mention the "∈" symbol, used to indicate that an element belongs to a set... well, that would make for an awesome password 🤔
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    Greek it up 🤔
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    Case sensitivity is the least of your problems here...
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