Ok, so I know that in PHP, psr2-4 are good for making sure your code meets a good standard, but I'm somebody who did most of that rules with minor differences without thinking 10 years before they were created and when somebody points out that my code isnt psr compliant because i wrote

if($something === 0){…}
Instead of
if ($something === 0) {…}

I get fucking angry....

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    ESPECIALLY, since the guy who said this was refusing to accept my pull requests because of that trivial issue.

    The guy left the company and I'm now having to maintain his garbage code, over the last three weeks, ive been fixing broken code over busted configuration and useless unit tests, but OH NO!!! GOD FORBID I DIDNT PUT THE CORRECT SPACES IN IF, FOR STATEMENTS!!!
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    the anger is strong with this one. have my ++.
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