Can't find a good dev internship here, sure imma move out. Trying to move out, nuuh u uh, you need a years experience to get a resident-work permit in any good country that's got dev internships. Now do I go in as a master's student or what now :(

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    So "lie" about your experience.

    If you have developed HTML and CSS for your own projects for the last 10 years, you have 10 years of experience.

    If they ask for the distinction between professional and personal experience, give them a 90/10 split.

    These hiring managers don't know what the actual fuck they're asking for, they just don't want to waste their time.
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    @sariel "lying" doesn't help when for every job posting there's 200+ folks applying, it's hard to get weeded out amongs that :(
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    @loner291999 that sounds like whining.

    Finding a job is easy, finding the right job is hard.

    You just need to make yourself stand out somehow.

    I looked at a candidate because they put LARPing on their CV. Out of all the other hundreds of candidates, I wanted to talk to him because he sounded like a fun fit for the team.

    Guess what, it worked! And I hired him.
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    @sariel I wish I was whining
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