"We're gonna make our own builder that sets up pre configured files.

So we are gonna get rid again of GIT, because with our system you shouldnt be working over each others files if you keep out of other peoples files."

So they basically are saying, we are going back to no version control because you should all keep to the honor system because our system is better.

I'm fucking leaving...
And possibly leaving a poison pill to boot

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    Maybe get an Abakus and present it as an solution?

    No electricity, no bugs, pretty easy.
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    @dontknowshit stupidity _does_ know bounds.

    the problem is: it's only lower bounds.
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    Tell them about TFS if they are so concerned with merge conflicts.
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    The higher they get, the more stupid they get.
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    GIT doesn't care whether you have the only clone of the repo.
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    Know what? Id wait...........


    Just to see them failing............... would be hillarious........
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    The honourable thing you do is hara-kiri (or seppuku). Hoe dare you take the easy way out!!!
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    @Oktokolo is right git is decentralised and therefore hard to stop. Of course you can fully work around this by having the Devs use git locally and setup anywhere as a central repo and FTP (is that isn't too modern) the shit to their build system. But you shouldn't.

    In VCS terms they have no versioning and no control system. Leave a time bomb, make sure the build system writes the actual destructive code so it can never be traced to you. The sooner they fail here the better it is for them...
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    @hjk101: Being stupid is one thing. But actively working towards making the problem worse despite knowing better would make that stupid as fuck managers look like geniuses in comparison...
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    @Oktokolo What git does need though is for the entire system to be copiable and portable across hosts, which is the only real reason I hate working on WordPress. The entire idea conflicts with version control by placing a lot of config and other data that changes with the code in an SQL database.
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    @lbfalvy: Looks like GIT has special support for offline repos too...

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