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    Ok but… I’m sorry to say that writing in all caps makes you look a bit incompetent.
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    Accept it , then realize you’re part of the majority
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    Phobias are irational...

    But try and answer this: What is the actual problem?
    Assume you are incompetent, and percived as such. What is the problem exactly?
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    Stackoverflow is there for a reason.
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    People that see you as incompetent are usually incompetent. A friend of mine messaged me today because he was annoyed his manager was annoyed at him and treated him like an idiot because he reduce code duplication. Basically custom file loaders are duplicated in 15 funcs in 15 separate files with only a variable changed. His manager treats him like he’s incompetent every day apparently. 🤷🏼‍♀️ fuck em
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    Just become competent.
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    Sometimes it's better to look incompentent than getting dragged into a clusterfuck project.
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    @qwwerty: You have no choice about whether a project is or becomes a clusterfuck. And there is nothing inheribly bad about looking incompetent when you actually are incompetent.

    But if you aren't incompetent and also aren't a lazy fuck, it normally is benefitial for your mental health to look exactly as competent as you are to minimize the disparity between other's expectations and your actual abilities. For normal people, which have a conscience, being overrated is almost always bad - but being underrated is often bad too.
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