!dev What pisses me off about today's job market is that the following idea is a naive one:

Let's just find a junior position and learn on the job so you can demonstrate your skills to your employer so they can promote you.

Wroooong. Reality: They only hire the most gifted geniuses who already know everything and they don't have the budget for someone who is rusty.

Welcome to the modern world of the CompSci market, where you are expected to have expert level knowledge in every language, especially in Software Engineering and Algorithms. And if you don't remember how to write an efficient Comparator algorithm in under 3 minutes, you're screwed.


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    There's a serious skilled labour shortage - in HR departments.
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    You know how they say "vote with your money"? I believe the same should be done with interviews and stuff like that.

    I have denied hundreds of job applications and have even walked out of interviews where the questions are overly technical and have 0 to do with I will be doing. This is something that I usually advise all other software developers out there, but I can understand that people need jobs.

    Coding assignments a-la "you have 24 hours to complete this solution" should be a norm, things such as "ok, now, implement a <whatever DS> from scratch" are a big no no to me personally.....since I work in web development and I really don't need to do shit like that.....
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    @lambda123 eeeeeexactly, I literally said that during an interview, way after the fact that I had mentioned to HR and the recruiters beforehand that if i get asked about algos I would walk away. The interview started normal, then they asked very simple graph questions, I replied and when they stated that they needed a coding test on it I just stopped them, told them that those were things that were figured out already by people smarter than everyone in the room, thanked them for wasting my time and ended the videochat session.
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    @lambda123 "companies want you to work on their CRUD app"

    Truer words have never been said before.
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    It’s probs cause no one knows how to run software engineers at all. Think about it: software engineers get to wear their own clothes, get open spaces, toys etc.

    When you look back at where these incentives come from, they kinda started with Google. So unsurprisingly, their hiring practices are similar to Google’s. And geniuses tend to work at Google. Less so at your CRUD app.

    So whatever. Just take to heart that when you pass their hoops, you’re not too far off a Google job
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    @lambda123 if you despise oop and like procedural and functional, I would recommend checking out the Nim programming language. To them, procedural is the way to go, but it offers ways to construct your own types with methods and it has facilities for functional programming (some are still experimental, but for the current release work well enough)

    Nim is pretty much my fav programming language at the moment, even though I have not used it for anything at work, thinking about it tho!
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